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Breakthrough rapid pathogen detection systme delivers results in less than 12 hours.

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Detect mislabeling & adulteration in food on-site using DNA in less than 2 hours.

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Only in-field solution for rapidly detecting microbes causing Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion.


InstantLabs customers enjoy gold-standard accuracy combined with ease-of-use and affordability.

Simple & Streamlined Workflow

Food-Safety-SolutionsColor-coded reagents and easy-to-follow protocols allow virtually anyone to test confidently regardless of education or training background.

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  • food-fraud-9

    Fighting food fraud: Testing without the wait

    New Food Magazine, May 17, 2017 article seen here: Food fraud is everywhere. Dr. Neil Sharma, Head of Research and Product Development at InstantLabs, argues that it is by improving testing accuracy and frequency that we can help to stamp it out…. Food fraud is happening all around us and it is gaining increasing attention in […]

  • Sweet apple, genetic engineering

    DNA Doesn’t Lie: Detecting Food Fraud in the Modern Era

    From: Modern Restaurant Management In a paper published this April, two researchers reported the results of a test they conducted back in 2015.  They visited 6 popular restaurants in Washington DC and each ordered a seafood dish.  They took small samples of the seafood they received and took them back to their lab for DNA […]

  • The Wild World of Microbes

    Microbial life is incredibly diverse. There are microbes that can survive the crushing pressure, low temperatures, and lack of light in the deep ocean, and others that have a thousand times more resistance to radiation than humans. A nonillion bacteria exist in the world (10 30 ), more than the number of stars in the […]

  • hunter

    InstantLabs’ Hunter Food Testing System

    Featured in Facility Executive The Hunter® Real-Time PCR System from the molecular diagnostic device company, InstantLabs, is a DNA analysis system for food testing. This easy-to-use instrument offers fast, accurate pathogen and species detection for the global food industry. The Hunter system is designed for use at points-of-need to detect and analyze a wide variety […]

  • Salad Struggles

    Bats belong in the jungle, not in your salad. An unfortunate incident happened recently where two people found a dead bat in a prepackaged salad bought from a Walmart in Florida. This bat, from the Mexican free-tailed species, is common in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America, so its origins are difficult […]


  • We love the Hunter qPCR System so much that we bought two of them! The Hunter is reliable and very easy to use. We use our Hunter instruments to screen Halal products for porcine DNA. It couldn’t be easier or more user-friendly. We are very happy with the customer support provided by the InstantLabs team.

    Global Nutraceutical Manufacturer
  • For our hydroponic lettuce range we wanted an in-house pathogen testing program that would give us reliable results quickly.  We like the accuracy (no false positives) and reliability of the Hunter system.  The precision of a qPCR system is fast and can be used by almost any trained employee.

    Hydroponic Produce Grower