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Cocktail Party Examples: Microbiologically Induced Corrosion

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) causes billions of dollars in damage annually. It affects diverse industries including marine transportation and shipping, chemical and oil processing, power generation, water treatment, and aviation among others. But I find that most people aren’t familiar with it and I’m often asked for some specific examples. Here are two cases of MIC that we can all appreciate.

Catfish regulation on track to transfer to USDA

Vietnamese negotiators have been calling a program to transfer regulation of the U.S. catfish industry from the FDA to the more stringent USDA a non-tariff trade barrier to Vietnamese seafood imports, while U.S. catfish farmers are worried that the ongoing talks regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership could result in changes to the program that would make it less effective. But despite objections from Vietnamese negotiators, U.S. officials are holding firm on the plan to go forward with the program as it is written.

Food Fraud: Not Just a Seafood Problem

I love my dog Tyson, an 80-pound German Shepherd/Great Dane mix. I scrutinized the nutritional labels of his food on the supermarket shelves, trying to make the best decision. Would he prefer a lamb and rice formula, or maybe chicken and sweet potatoes? What meat protein is in this food, and how much? And when one of my cats, an American Short Hair named Tater Tot, experienced digestive issues, I searched for a formula that has easily-digestible, low-fat poultry proteins. However, it turns out that the nutritional labels on our pet food and treats might not be telling the whole story.