Harness the power of real-time PCR to get fast and accurate DNA-based species identification.

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InstantLabs’ InstantID™ line of species identification kits can help you determine the accuracy of the labeling and purity of products at your facility.

Our test kits are designed to work seamlessly with both the InstantLabs Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument as well as other PCR systems.  Currently available kits include:

InstantID™ Pork
InstantID™ Horse
InstantID™ Custom
InstantID™ Blue Crab
InstantID™ Atlantic Salmon
InstantID™ Coho Salmon
InstantID™ Chinook Salmon
InstantID™ Sockeye Salmon
InstantID™ U.S. Catfish


InstantLabs’ Hunter® System is fast, accurate, and easy-to-use, incorporating the latest DNA testing technology for species identification.  We use real-time PCR technology, so test kits provide highly accurate results even for processed products such as gel caps.

Because of growing prevalence of seafood fraud, InstantLabs is partnering with the University of Guelph, one of the world’s leading food science centers, to develop a portfolio of seafood species identification kits. The kits are designed to run on both the Hunter and other PCR instruments.

We also have kits to insure your products have not been inadvertently contaminated with pork or horsemeat.

When you’re ready to verify your product in just 2 hours, contact us for more information.