InstantLabs, a molecular diagnostic device company, developed and markets the Hunter Real-Time PCR® system, a fully-integrated, portable and affordable real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) platform for rapid, accurate pathogen and species detection.

The company currently offers the Hunter® system for use with several foodborne pathogen test kits as well as species identification test kits for the global food industry. The Hunter® system is especially well suited for use at points-of-need to detect and analyze a wide variety of samples.

InstantLabs also works with industrial customers to develop specialized test kits for their specific needs. For example, InstantLbas has developed a portfolio of test kits for the detection of bacteria implicated in microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). The Hunter® combines ease-of-use, high mobility, and affordable pricing to bring the benefits of PCR to many settings.

InstantLabs’ growing worldwide customer base includes some of the leading food industry firms. InstantLabs is also developing products for additional markets where gold-standard accuracy combined with ease-of-use and rapid results are critical. InstantLabs, founded in 2008, is privately owned and is located in Baltimore, Maryland.