April 3, 2012

Assay Enables Point-of-Need Salmonella Testing on Hunter Accelerated‐PCR System

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By InstantLabs

Baltimore, MD – April 3, 2012 – InstantLabs Medical Diagnostics Corporation (InstantLabs®), developer of the portable Hunter Accelerated Real-Time PCR® system, today announced that its Salmonella Species Food Safety Kit has been certified as Performance-Tested MethodsSM (PTM) No. 031202 by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI). The award follows independent laboratory studies conducted by Food Safety Net Services (FSNS). The PTM certification mark is widely recognized by a variety of organizations and government agencies and is awarded to products that have passed unbiased and rigorous evaluation, including tests for usability, success rates, task times and user satisfaction.

“We are very pleased to have InstantLabs’ Salmonella test kit certified by the AOAC-RI,” said Steven Guterman, Chief Executive Officer of InstantLabs. “This assay, integrated with our Hunter instrument, allows food processers, distributors and growers to take advantage of the accuracy of gold‐standard PCR technology for Salmonella testing right in their facilities, reducing the time to results and improving efficiencies.”

Salmonella is a genus of bacteria that are a major cause of foodborne illnesses throughout the world. The bacteria are generally transmitted to humans through the consumption of contaminated food, thus improved detection of contaminated food can reduce the incidence of illness. Salmonellosis constitutes a major public health burden and represents a significant cost in many countries. Millions of human cases are reported worldwide every year and the disease results in thousands of deaths.

InstantLabs’ Salmonella Species Test Kit, designed for use with the integrated Hunter real-time PCR instrument, aims to improve the process for detection of the relevant bacteria in food products. The assay enables the rapid and accurate detection of certain Salmonella serotypes. The test kit is available to the food industry and import/export organizations worldwide, for whom the ability to deliver the highest quality food products in the shortest possible window of time is crucial to public health and overall success of the organization. In addition to its Salmonella Species Test Kit, InstantLabs has food safety test kits available for Listeria species, Listeria monocytogenes and porcine DNA detection. A complete E. coli panel that addresses the new USDA FSIS regulations will be available shortly.

Today’s testing methods for dangerous and unintended organisms in food and ingredients do not routinely take advantage of real-time PCR technology. While real-time PCR is considered the gold standard for accuracy, its use has been limited by barriers including the need for highly specialized staff, the space for multiple components, technical complexity, time and cost. InstantLabs removes these barriers with its fully-integrated, compact and affordable Hunter Accelerated-PCR system, which requires only minimal space and basic training to deliver real-time PCR testing at the points-of-need. The portable Hunter system integrates chemistry-ready multiple assay cartridges (MACs) that enable highly accurate PCR testing in a fast, automated manner. This innovative system simplifies a historically cumbersome and time-consuming pathogen testing process, while assuring food safety and increasing efficiency.

Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) is a national network of ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories. Recognized as a one-stop food safety resource, the company’s primary services include a strong experience base in consulting, validation, challenge studies, on-site sampling programs and development of proficiency programs. FSNS also provides expert technical resources that ensure food safety and quality programs deliver the critical information needed to continually improve process controls and measurement systems. For more information, visit

The AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (AOAC) that administers the AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM program. AOAC is a globally recognized, independent, not-for-profit standards developing association founded in 1884. AOAC serves the analytical community by engaging industry stakeholders to develop voluntary consensus standards for methods and providing analytical methods that demonstrate confidence in analytical results. For more information, visit

InstantLabs® is the developer of the Hunter, a fully-integrated, portable and affordable real-time PCR (RT-PCR) system that is uniquely suited for use at point-of-need locations. The company is focused on the food safety and medical diagnostics markets – areas where accurate and rapid test results can make a consequential difference in health outcomes. The company’s Hunter Accelerated RT-PCR platform is host to a broad line of test assays. User-friendly, Wi-Fi and network-enabled, the Hunter system makes possible broader and mobile use of gold-standard PCR diagnostic testing. InstantLabs aims to expand the addressable market for the Hunter Accelerated-PCR system and a variety of integrated test kits, wherever there is a critical or beneficial need for quick and reliable detection of potentially dangerous pathogens. InstantLabs is a privately held company and was founded in 2008. For more information, visit

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