March 30, 2014

From the Mail Bag: What is Point of Need?

  • Food Safety

By InstantLabs

By Steven Guterman


I’ve seen that the Hunter can be used “at the point-of-need” written all over your website, but I don’t really understand what that means. What is the point-of-need?

Jonathan K.
Iron Mountain, MI


Imagine getting food safety test results where you need them and when you need them. Point-of-need testing means running tests at or near the facility where the products are produced. It provides a number of advantages to the producer. First and foremost, test results are available much sooner since time isn’t wasted transporting samples to a distant testing facility. You can confidently ship products faster because you’ll have the results available sooner. In the instance of an unexpected result, corrective measures can be started earlier minimizing cross contamination of clean product with tainted products. This significantly reduces waste and risks. Finally, with point-of need testing you control the timing of the testing. As soon as sanitation is complete, you can initiate additional verification testing ensuring any harmful pathogens are absent from your production facility.
InstantLabs mission is to provide food safety test systems that set the standard for ease-of-use, accuracy and affordability. We designed the Hunter to be usable by personnel who have only a basic understanding of laboratory techniques. We have successfully trained many people in less than a day to be confident running accurate molecular tests. If needed, we also provide more extensive lab setup and training over a 2-day period.
All of InstantLabs key food pathogen tests, Salmonella, E coli and Listeria mono and species, are DNA based and RI-PTM certified by the AOAC. So, you know they meet the highest standards for accurate detection of problematic bacteria and are universally accepted by regulatory bodies and industry.
Are ready to take control of your food testing needs? Call us and we will arrange a demo at your facility!

Steve is CEO of InstantLabs – when not in the lab, you can find him building an Arduino project, fixing a car, or building something out of wood.