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Ensure products contain what they should and what they promise. Easily test for food fraud with the InstantID™ test kits and the Hunter® Real-Time PCR.

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Identifying Pork Contaminated Products

Detect-Pork-Halal-TestingTHE CHALLENGE:

A multi-national nutraceutical manufacturer that sells product into the Halal market was concerned that certain globally-sourced products and components (i.e. gel capsules) may inadvertently contain traces of pork.

Testing and inspections by government entities and consumer watchdogs were increasing and the Company was concerned about protecting its customers, its brand, and its reputation in the marketplace. The client needed an accurate and easy-to-use solution for on-site confirmation that raw ingredients and final products did not contain pork-derived materials. The testing solution also needed to be fast such that it would not disrupt production activities.


InstantLabs worked with the client to perform a blind-coded study demonstrating that the Hunter® system would generate accurate results consistent with those provided by a contract laboratory. InstantLabs installed the Hunter® system on-site and trained existing staff in less than half a day.

Client is now testing and clearing samples in less than 2 hours using the Hunter® system thereby effectively eliminating risk to its brand and consumers.

Is-It-Really-Sockeye-SalmonPREVENT MISLABELING

Stories about mislabeling of food is all over the news and consumers are demanding authenticated products.  InstantLabs has partnered with the University of Guelph, one of the world’s leading food science centers, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the development of next-generation solutions to detect food fraud at the point-of-need using DNA analysis.

The InstantID™ test kits use cutting-edge technology allowing you to ensure the identity of your product faster and in your facility.  Simply swab the sample, extract DNA using an easy procedure, and load into the Hunter® system for automatic analysis.  Sit back and know if the food item in question is labeled correctly in less than 2 hours.


Product purity is of top priority when it comes to consumer confidence due to economic, health, and religious motivations.  The InstantID™ test kits from InstantLabs can help protect your company and your brand from economically-motivated or inadvertent adulteration of food products.

The InstantID™ test kits use DNA-based technology allowing you to more accurately verify purity of even highly processed products than is possible with antibody-based technologies.  Detection of adulteration at levels of  0.01% or lower is possible.  Don’t just assume – know for sure if your product is free of animal or plant species that should not be there.  Results in less than 2 hours.


Breakthrough portable Real-Time PCR technology delivers accurate identification of food fraud in less than 2 hours.

Food-Safety-SolutionsInstantlabs food fraud test kits contain all of the reagents necessary for sample preparation and analysis on InstantLabs’s Hunter Real-Time PCR instrument or on other qPCR instruments.  A streamlined protocol means that even those without a laboratory background can test confidently and quickly with only minimal training.

InstantID™ Available Kits

Our test kits are designed to work seamlessly with both the InstantLabs Hunter® Real-Time PCR instrument as well as other PCR systems.

InstantLabs’ Hunter® System is fast, accurate, and easy-to-use, incorporating the latest DNA testing technology for species identification. We use real-time PCR technology, so test kits provide highly accurate results even for processed products such as gel caps.

Because of growing prevalence of seafood fraud, InstantLabs is partnering with the University of Guelph, one of the world’s leading food science centers, to develop a portfolio of seafood species identification kits. The kits are designed to run on both the Hunter and other PCR instruments.



Detects the species Sus scrofa which includes domestic pigs and wild boars.



Detects the species Equus ferus which includes all wild and domestic horses.


Blue Crab

Detects the species Callinectes sapidus.



Detects the species Bos taurus which includes domestic cattle.


Atlantic Salmon

Detects the species Salmon salar


Coho Salmon

Detects the species Oncorhynchus kisutch.


Sockeye Salmon

Detects the species Oncorhynchus nerka.


Chinook Salmon

Detects the species Oncorhynchus tshawytscha also known as King Salmon.


US Catfish

Detects the species Icatlurus furcatus (Blue Catfish) and Ictalurus punctatus (Channel Catfish).


Asian Catfish

Detects the species Pangasius bocourti (Bosa) and Pangasius hypothalamus (Swai or Sutchi).


Red Snapper

Detects the species Lutjanus campechanus.


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