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Touch-Screen Driven Interface

Touch-Screen Driven Interface

Easy-to-Load Cartridge

Easy-to-Load Cartridge

Simple, Streamlined Workflows

With color-coded reagents and simple protocols, even the most novice user can have the confidence that they are getting it right every time.  On-site training allows most users to be up and running in less than a day.

Ultimate Sensitivity & Specificity

Real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) adapts the inner workings of biology to create a “molecular copy machine”–a fast, highly accurate, and incredibly sensitive method to determine the presence or absence of a target organism by multiplying and detecting the target’s specific DNA or RNA in real time.

Results in Hours, Not Days

Eliminate wait time related to sample transport to centralized labs.  Save money, find problems fast, and reduce risk.

Use Anywhere, Anytime

Use the Hunter® in a laboratory or throw it into a case and take it with you out into the field.  It’s ready when you are. 


Freeze-Dried in Single-Use Aliquots

Freeze-Dried in Single-Use Aliquots

Freeze-Dried & Ready-to-Use

Eliminates the need to ship and store reagents frozen prior to use which significantly saves time and costs.  Stable for at least one year at ambient temperature.  Just add your sample.

Superior Performance

Designed and optimized deliver highly sensitive and specific detection of only the organism of interest thereby ensuring accurate results.  

Inhibitor Resistant

Food and environmental samples can contain a multitude of compounds that can interfere with PCR.  Our reagents have been specially developed over years to be highly resistant to potential inhibitors.


Patent-Pending  Clean-Up Technology

Patent-Pending Clean-Up Technology

Optimized for Difficult Samples

Robust protocols are designed to work with highly complex matrices such as food and environmental samples to ensure reliable results.  

Ultra Purity

Kits use new patent-pending technology to efficiently remove contaminants from even the most challenging samples.  Resulting nucleic acids are ready for downstream analysis such as qPCR or next-generation sequencing.

Field-Tested & Trusted

Kits are available for laboratory or field-based use and include everything needed to extract high quality DNA and/or RNA.  Kits have been tested across multiple samples types and in extreme environments.

Collection & Stabilization

Collect and Stabilize Samples In-Field

Collect and Stabilize Samples In-Field

In-Field Collection Made Convenient

Simple-to-use kits include all components necessary to collect water and/or solid (biofilm) samples for genomic analysis in a standardized format. 

Preserve Without Worry

Breakthrough non-toxic buffer provides immediate preservation of nucleic acids in biological samples.  Allows samples to be stored and transported at ambient temperature for up to 8 weeks prior to extraction of DNA and/or RNA.

Consistent Results at a Lower Cost

Kits ensure consistent and accurate results by standardizing the sample collection process and ensuring long-term sample integrity all while eliminating the need for cold-chain transport.  


Complete Microbiome Analysis

Complete Microbiome Analysis

Industrial Specialists

Our scientists have extensive experience working with complex and challenging samples collected at industrial sites to extract and prepare microbial DNA for metagenomic analysis.

Microbes Can't Hide

Cutting-edge software pipeline can analyze 16S rRNA-based next-generation sequencing data to determine the identity of nearly 100% of the microorganisms present in a sample.  

Deep Insight

Microorganism populations are further compared to a proprietary database to assign specific genera into key industrially important metabolic groups such as Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria and Acid-Producing Bacteria.  This data allows users to quickly diagnose potential system threats and optimize treatment regimens.

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